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Pain Management

At Barnes Chiropractic we utilize spinal manipulation (adjustments) as well as other related treatments to help alleviate pain and maintain proper spinal and musculoskeletal health. Spinal manipulation consists of the chiropractor gently pressing on your spine to restore proper joint motion, stretch the appropriate muscles and alleviate irritated nerves. At Barnes Chiropractic you will receive related treatments consisted of moist heat and appropriate soft tissue therapies.

At Barnes Chiropractic we treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal complaints. One of the
most common complaints is low back pain. Low back pain can result from variety of
causes including sprains, strains, over activity, under activity, posture, obesity
and pinched nerves. A pinched nerve in the low back is often
accompanied by pain into the leg know as sciatica. Sciatica is
inflammation of the sciatic nerve and can be caused by inflamed
joints, bulging discs or muscle spasm. By restoring proper joint
motion, stretching the appropriate soft tissues, and decreasing
inflammation, chiropractic treatment can be very beneficial to
people with low back and sciatic pain.

Another common ailment we treat at Barnes Chiropractic is
headaches. If you suffer from headaches, you are not alone. Nine
out of ten Americans suffer from some type of headaches. Some are
infrequent and less severe while others are extremely painful and
debilitating. Many headaches people suffer from have their origins in the
neck. Whether tension, stress or posture related, irritation of spinal nerves
is a very common cause of headaches. Spinal manipulation to the cervical
spine has been shown to greatly decrease the symptoms associated
with headaches.

Chiropractic Services Include:

* Low back pain
* Neck pain
* Headaches
* Sciatica
* Disc injuries
* Arthritis
* Shoulder pain
* Hip pain
* Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
* TMJ dysfunction